Graduated of the University of Buenos Aires as Image And Sound designer. I have been working in the industry since the year 1996. Between 2004 and 2010, I made a hundred services of production, as Gaffer, which allowed me to meet and attend the best DoP in the world, Darius Khondji, Lance Accord, Robert Elswitt, Paul Cameron, Franz Lustig and many more... Experience, both in the professional and the personal, unique. Then my turn as a Director of Photography would come. Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru are the countries of the region in which I worked alongside directors such as Charlie Mainardi, Jorge Colón, Gregorio Cramer, Fere Roca, Marcelo Mangone,  Alvaro Quevedo, Who, Sebastián Rodriguez, José María Cicala, Hernan Bargman, Matías Scartascini. In my portfolio you can find some Feature Films, some Tv, and above all, Commercials, space where my career was forged.