Road to Success

Title: Road to Success
Director: Sebastian Rodriguez
Script: Sebastian Rodriguez
Cast: Sergio Prina – Benjamin Otero – Paula Carruega – Mariano Argento – Eugenia Guerty
Producer:Nastassja Bischitz – Mandrake Cinema
Duration: 80 minutes
Release: Septiembre 2022

Synopsis: Hugo has a longstanding desire: to leave your hometown forever. Does not support pass one more day in this place full of memories and frustrations. A hunter talent arrives accidentally to the village and discovers Enzo, the nephew of Hugo. The guy with just twelve years is a great football player with a great future.
Hugo and Enzo is dropped to the path in search of their own destinies opposite. In the middle of the journey, Hugo knows to Lucia. This chance encounter with this woman, will Hugo rethink your plan and what you really want for your life.