The Shadow of The Cat

Title: The Shadow of The Cat
Director: Jose Maria Cicala
Producer: Lou Lou Productions – Shock House – Tieless Media
Cast: Danny Trejo, Monica Antonopulos, Miguel Ángel Solá, Rita Cortese, Maite Lanata, Guillermo Zapata, Luis Machín, Candelaria Molfese, Griselda Sánchez, Matías Desiderio, Roberto Peloni, Fabiana Pascali.
Duration: 87 minutes
Release: 2021

Synopsis: Cat lives with her teenage daughter Emma and a small group of people on an isolated farm, without phone or internet. But Emma, tempted by curiosity, you get a mobile phone and activates it, making it visible to the world. Hours later flees from the farm. Cat party in their quest, accompanied by his friend Shadow, who 17 years ago, they were about to be captured by a cult. Together they must rescue Emma, who has been kidnapped by the same organization to realize a bloody ritual.