Title: Delicia
Director: Marcelo Mangone
Script: Maria Laura Gargarella – Marcelo Mangone
Cast: Beatriz Spelzini, Marina Glezer, Hugo Arana, Julian Larquier Tellarini, Gastón Ricaud, Juan Ignacio Martínez
Producer:Alberto Wheat – Martin Firpo – Three Minds
Duration: 100 minutes
Release: 2017

Synopsis: Felisa, comes to town to fill a vacancy nurse. There, the director of the hospital will get a place to live. Beloved, surly and unsociable, it has two houses adjoining, and twins: one occupied by him and the other uninhabited. To change from the accommodation, prompted a collaboration in the works your home. Felisa accepted and to appear before him, will discover that the Beloved is blind, but his blindness is the myth of the people. Two lonely souls that are to put a twist in their fates, in a town where it never passed anything, until that moment.