Title: Essential
Director: Who
Producer: Marcelo Politano – Agustín Echavarría Coll
Script: Lucia Epherra – Who
Cast: Emilia Attias – Naim Sibara – Gaston Pauls – Sabrina Garciarena – Candela Vetrano – Roxana Random – Gigi Sibara...
Duration: 90 minutes
Release: Postproduction.

Synopsis: Julia and Marco are a couple off, on the verge of separating, the only thing that unites them is their 3 year old daughter. The priority of Julia is his work, the Frames of his daughter.
When you begin a mandatory Quarantine, as a result of the Pandemic Covid-19, both are forced to spend all their time together. Julia and Marco need to find tools to be able to return to be reunited, or be separated forever.