Title: Demolition
Director: Marcelo Mangone
Script: Ricardo Cardoso – Marcelo Mangone
Producer: Alberto Wheat – Three Minds
Cast: Enrique Liporace – Jorge Paccini – Roly Serrano – Gaston Pauls – Mimi Ardu – Marcelo Mazzarello ...
Duration: 90 minutes
Release: 2005

Synopsis: Osvaldo Lazzari is the employee of a company dedicated to the demolition of abandoned buildings. You have a child, a woman, authoritarian, and his salary is a pittance.
In your current job, during the routine inspection of the building, in an office is surprised by Alberto Luna, a man the victim of hallucinations that lives determined to take out the factory forward and he believes that Lazarri came with the aim to revive the production of the factory.
The Demolition is a comedy grotesque and bizarre that it shows us the eternal contradictions that make the argentine let us be loved so ridiculously incomprehensible in the eyes of the world.